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Trois Mélodies pour un conte lunaire - Martial Host

For mezzo soprano and piano

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Trois Mélodies pour un conte lunaire - Martial HOST

Piece commissioned by the mezzo-soprano Julie Prayez (Belgium),
premiered with Julie Delbart (Belgium) at the piano on January 11, 2022 at the Salle Cortot in Paris.

Text by Bruno Charrier (France).

I. The Legend
The first melody sets the scene in a strange and frozen moonlight setting that welcomes the story of a village legend recalled by the heroine and saying this: two children left for the forbidden forest and never came back, thus mocking the elders who forbade them to enter it! Through the intercession of the accomplice moon, our heroine confides in us to the point of evoking her deep desire for transgression and freedom, symbolized here by the wild song of nature... Musically, a "synthetic scale" with limited transposition (the semitone scale followed by a tone) was chosen for its circular and closed side, almost without exit. It will be recalled in the three melodies, not without evoking the lunar cycles.

II. Lunar engagement
The second melody, crazier and more elevated, is an amorous, pre-nuptial and wild dance under the lunar mirror, that of engaged couples carried away by an indomitable ardor and by the violent attraction of nature. The desire for irreducible original freedom - a promise of transgression which, according to the lovers, would be the only way to live a love that is always new and free of all convention - is treated by a non-functional polytonality that breaks the codes. If it is felt in the middle of the movement by a return of the synthetic scale, the fear of failure will eventually give way to an almost arrogant youthful bravery.

III. The Procuration
The third melody, more dramatic, throws us into the dread of the inexorable harshness of time passing... A C repeated obstinately stuns definitively all hope. Here is the time to do the accounts. Unfortunately, the "fangs" of daily life have not allowed the two heroes to follow the wild rhythm of nature. A brutal return to reality! The heroine's only escape is to let herself dream a little again: since the couple has not succeeded in their enterprise, the lover - who is now twenty years older - relies one last time on the moon. In a final confidence, she asks it to make her daughter - born from the union with her beloved - hear the wild song of nature. This dream ends with a sort of fragile prayer, perhaps disillusioned...


For mezzo soprano and piano

Duration: 13'

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