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Quatuor Zahir



This first opus from the Quatuor Zahir is constructed like an opera overture: one finds a succession of subjects, of themes and of colours which, as the quartet follows its path, will most definitely be nourished and developed.
The ease with which these saxophonists navigate between the archipelagos of transcription, improvisation, 'savant' music, contemporary repertoire or music inspired by popular culture, presents us with, in addition to this rich diversity, the playing palette of a saxophone quartet that is quite extraordinary.


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Quatuor à cordes N°2 en Ré Majeur > Alexandre BORODINE
(transcription Guillaume Berceau)

The Dark Side > Jean-Denis MICHAT (improvisation : Jean-Charles Richard)

Voices of Black Earth > Alexandros MARKEAS (commande du Quatuor Zahir)

Rhapsodish > Alexis CIESLA (improvisation : Sandro Compagnon)



Quatuor Zahir

Guillaume BERCEAU > soprano saxophone
Sandro COMPAGNON > alto saxophone
Florent LOUMAN > tenor saxophone
Joakim CIESLA > baryton saxophone



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