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Ars moderna

Duo Fukui-Jallu


If we were to categorise this traditional tango, we would have to talk about this spontaneous improvisation, this dialogue between the instrumentalists within a harmonic and melodic tapestry. Because it is indeed this art of dialogue that the Fukui-Jallu duet initiated. It is also the result of a desire to bring the music of the guitarist Roberto Grela (1913-1992) back to life, accompanied by Anibal Troilo. This famous duet marked its era by the harmonic richness of R. Grela and A. Troilo's art of phrasing. From this adventure, from this momentum and these exchanges, the ambition to arrange pieces of their quintet (bandoneon, guitars, guitarron, double bass) for our duet was born. The discovery of the arrangements of another great musician, Leopoldo Federico (1927-2014), enabled us to enrich the colour palette of the duet through musical pieces such as Romance de barrio, Amurado, A la Guardia Nueva. This rebirth of a work is offered to you for your and our great pleasure.


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Amurado Pedro Maffia - Pedro Laurenz
Taconeando - Pedro Maffia
Romántica - Félix Lipesker
La cachila - Eduardo Arolas
La trampera - Aníbal Troilo
La maleva - Antonio Buglione
Un placer - Vicente Romeo
A Ernesto Sabato - Leopoldo Federico
Silbando Sebastián Piana - Cátulo Castillo
A la guardia nueva - Aníbal Troilo
Romance de barrio - Aníbal Troilo
Danzarín - Julián Plaza



Louise Jallu, bandoneon

Hiroki Fukui, guitare


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