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Crossing the Line

Trio Empreinte


In her own characteristic musical idiom, each of the four composers included in this recording has risen to the challenge of breaking through the limits of her time period, while not completely disavowing it. Indeed, authentic novelty in music does not always involve going beyond the confines of one’s epoch: it also means being at a crossing point, standing on the line that separates the old from the new, classical from contemporary, holding firm between two shores, in order to bring a shared resonance to what was, what is, and what will be. 
Playing with the conventions that govern chamber music formation: this is the bold initiative of the Trio Empreinte. The combination of the violin, saxophone and piano creates an innovative sonorous universe that is strange and familiar all at once–another manner of crossing the line.

Trio Empreinte


Clara Abou, violin
Émilie Heurtevent, saxophones
Anne de Fornel, piano


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Ida Gotkovsky
    1-3.    Trio Lyrique for violin, alto saxophone and piano (1984)
              First recording

Mel Bonis
    4-6.     Suite en trio op. 59 for violin, soprano saxophone and piano (1899)
                Original for flute, violin and piano  •  Adaptation Émilie Heurtevent

Graciane Finzi
    7.       Crossing the Line for violin, soprano - alto saxophones and piano (2015)
              Dedicate to Trio Empreinte  •  First recording

Lili Boulanger
    8.      Clairières dans le ciel n° 5, « Au pied de mon lit »
             for violin, tenor saxophone and piano (1913-14)
             Original for voice and piano  •  Transcription Émilie Heurtevent



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