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Caravan Party II

Johan Farjot & Friends


After his first opus placed under the sign of travel and nomadic solidarity, Johan Farjot takes his "Caravan Party" on a new journey marked by freedom and a limitless passion for the present moment.

With his friends from the Bal Blomet where he pursues, in a determined fashion, his series of "1001 Jazz Nights" alongside his accomplice Raphaël Imbert, we now find ourselves suspended in a balancing act called Live, an instant in time where anything can happen, created from the energy found on stage.

Surrounded once again by a fantastic cast, made up of surprising and improbable  encounters, "Caravan Party II" takes us around the world, blown by a gust of freedom, thanks to, in alphabetical order:Felipe Cabrera, Hugh Coltman, Jean-Jacques Élangué, Daniel Humair, Raphaël Imbert and his son Timon, Naïssam Jalal, Raphaël Merlin, Anne Pacéo, Matteo Pastorino, Vincent Peirani, Joe Quitzke, Louis Sclavis, Damien Varaillon and MJ Williams

The crazy playlist is inspired by the irreverence of both yesterday’s and today’s geniuses:

- from the South African saxophonist Zim Ngqawana (Bantu), sadly gone too soon but who will forever remain an icon of freedom

- to the unclassifiable Californian composer Carla Bley who pays tribute to a past heroine: Ida Lupino

- to the inexhaustible explorers John Coltrane (Peace on earth) and John Zorn (Bith Aneth)

- to two songs inscribed in the collective unconscious that permit endless stylistic liberties: Black Is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair and San Francisco by Maxime Le Forestier
Not to mention the moments of collective improvisation guided by extraordinary artists such as Naïssam Jalal, Louis Sclavis, Raphaël Imbert, Joe Quitzke, Raphaël Merlin, or the American vocalist MJ Williams, and many others on this record, who never cease to sing their love of freedom. One should take on board very literally the Anglo-Saxon etymology of the word "Live": to feel alive in this sacred moment of union with the public.

The Caravan is back on the road, led on the piano by Johan Farjot, towards new adventures!


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    1.    Bantu - Zim Ngqawana
    2.    Black is the colour of my true love's hair - Traditionnel
    3.    Bith Aneth - John Zom
    4.    San Francisco - Maxime Le Forestier 
    5.    Libera me - improvisation collective
    6.    Ida Lupino - Carla Bley
    7.    Next stop to Roma - Johan Farjot
    8.    Élégie - improvisation collective
    9.    Once upon a time - improvisation collective
    10.    Molly's song - Johan Farjot (Sheet music available here)
    11.    Tribute to Yusef Lateef - improvisation collective
    12.    After Midnight - improvisation collective
    13.    Peace on earth - John Coltrane
    14.    Dance of the rain - improvisation collective
    15.    Bis - improvisation collective



Johan Farjot - piano, direction et arrangement

Batterie : Daniel Humair (7), Timon Imbert (15), Anne Pacéo (1), Joe Quitzke (3,10,12,13,14)
Chant : Hugh Coltman (2), Naïssam Jalal (5,8,11), MJ Williams (15)
Accordéon : Vincent Peirani (4)
Saxophone : Jean-Jacques Élangué (1), Raphaël Imbert (1,3,4,7-15)
Flûte et Ney : Naïssam Jalal (5,11,15)
Clarinette : Matteo Pastorino (2)
Clarinette basse : Louis Sclavis (10,12,14), Raphaël Imbert (4,5)
Violoncelle : Raphaël Merlin (5,8,11,15)
Contrebasse : Felipe Cabrera (1), Damien Varaillon (7)



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