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Quatuor Ardeo


The judiciously chosen title of this album by the Quatuor Ardeo refers to the recording’s central works. Schubert’s “Rosamunde” quartet is his thirteenth of fifteen string quartets, and the number 13 plays an important structural and symbolic role in Crumb’s Black Angels, the piece which acts as the inspirational focus of this recording.


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Claudio Monteverdi - " Hor che'l ciel e la terra " SV147
Franz Schubert - Quatuor à cordes n° 13 en La mineur D 804 (op.29) " Rosamunde "
Henry Purcell - Pavane en Sol mineur Z.752
Henry Purcell - Chaconne en Sol mineur Z.730 3'59
Franz Schubert / Quatuor Ardeo - Lied " Der Tod und das Mädchen " D 531 (op.7-3)
George Crumb: Black Angels - Thirteen images from the Dark Land for Electric String Quartet
Franz Schubert / Quatuor Ardeo - Lied " Die Götter Griechenlands " D 677


Quatuor Ardeo

Carole Petitdemange
Mi-Sa Yang
Yuko Hara
Joëlle Martinez

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