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Trois Frères de l'Orage

Quatuor Béla



In the torment and the great human disorder of the Second World War, millions of children, women and men perished in death camps, killed by the barbary of man. Amongst them, three musicians: Pavel Haas, Hans Krása and Erwin Schulhoff. They were Jewish, they were also intellectuals, modernist, communist or homosexual, and all three of them extraordinary musicians. A double and terrible injustice as, assassinated in their youth, they were also deprived of posthumous glory, history having retained their status as victims, rather than that of composers. We have chosen with this recording, to pay homage to the music of these "Three brothers of the storm", full of sensuality, colours and life.

Quatuor Béla

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Erwin Schulhoff (1894-1942)
Quatuor à cordes n° 1 (1924)*

Pavel Haas (1899-1944)
Quatuor n° 2, op. 7, “Des montagnes du singe” (1925)**

Hans Krása (1899-1944)
Thème et Variations (1935-1936)*

Quatuor Béla

Julien Dieudegard - violin
Frédéric Aurier - violin
Julian Boutin - viola
Luc Dedreuil - cello

   violin 1 :  * Frédéric Aurier / ** Julien Dieudegard



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