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Julien Bouclier, violin
Dimitri Bouclier, accordion


… Julien the violinist, Dimitri the concert accordionist... a brotherhood, a united soul on the stage, giving all it has to artistic emotion and the intensity of sharing this moment. Whilst the two brothers look at each other with closed eyes, the music rises and affirms the words of Plato... "and one starts to dream of beauty, of simplicity and of immensity". The sonorities of the two instruments melt into each other, reflections of the repertoire bursting forth, as if all was permitted, as if all was accessible. As if the duo had always existed in the hearts of their audience, revealed to itself, somewhere between the violin and the concert accordion, between Julien and Dimitri…

Marie-Annick Nicolas

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Tomaso Vitali arr. Léopold Charlier / Chaconne en sol mineur
Astor Piazzolla / Violentango, Ave Maria, Meditango
Vladislav Zolotarev / Rondo Capriccioso
Victor Vlasov / Goulag pour accordéon solo
Sergueï Voïtenko / Révélation
Anton Chalaïev / Hiver

Julien Bouclier, violin
Dimitri Bouclier, accordion




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