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Les Quatre Saisons - Nicolas Bacri

François Leleux, oboe
Orchestre Victor Hugo, Jean-François Verdier


Nicolas Bacri revisits the seasons!


The seasons have always been linked to the lives of men, inspiring fear, hope, pleasure or nostalgia, permitting them to find their place in the immensity of passing time... The great circle of life reigns, throughout different epochs and passing fashions. Such is the music of Bacri; free, lyrical, full of images and rhythm. These four works are at last united, engaging the great oboist Francois Leleux and three stars of the bow to create an explosion of talent and life.





François Leleux, oboe

Valeriy Sokolov, violin

Adrien La Marca, viola

Sébastien van Kuijk, cello



Orchestre Victor Hugo

Jean-François Verdier, conductor




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