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Louise Jallu Quartet

Vinyle Edition


"An amazing album is Francesita for Louise Jallu, this very young bandoneon player – so charismatic and gifted – this  Frenchwoman who offers us here a frank, sensitive and sometimes distanced view of certain themes written by one of the princes of the Tango, Enrique Delfino (1895–1967), on well-known arrangements by Máximo Mori, but also and especially on her own arrangements in which I had a great pleasure to collaborate: Francesita, Araca Corazón, La montonera, and particularly Griseta.

As many titles by Enrique Delfino, as many names of women who were victims of the so-called white slave trade, women of all European countries, abducted and condemned to live and die in brothels of the highly male populated 1920s Argentina. It was by reading a book by Albert Londres (La traite des blanches) that this unique project was born."


Bernard Cavanna


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Louise Jallu / À Gennevilliers

Louise Jallu / 7 huîtres

Enrique Delfino / Griseta

Aníbal Troilo / Sur*

Enrique Delfino / Francesita

Aníbal Troilo / La última curda

Enrique Delfino / Araca corazón

Louise Jallu, bandoneon

 Mathias Lévy, violin

Grégoire Letouvet, piano

Alexandre Perrot, double bass


* Sébastien Giniaux, electric guitar


Recorded at café de la danse, Paris, march 17, 2018 by Erwan Boulay



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