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Maya Villanueva, soprano
Patrick Langot, cello
Romain David, piano


To mark the centenary of the birth of Albert Ginastera, the soprano Maya Villanueva, the cellist Patrick Langot and the pianist Romain David offer us, with this double album of complete works for voice and piano and cello and piano, a multi-facted panorama of his compositions. A voyage of musical initiation, from the folklore of the Pampa in the Canciones to the modern sonorities of the sonata dedicated to this wife, the cellist Aurora Natola. As a final peak, the first ever recording of the Tres Instantes Oníricos by Gabriel Sivak, renders homage to the influence of the greatest Argentinian composer of the twentieth century.


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Alberto Ginastera (1916 - 1983)

2 Canciones op.3, pour voix et piano (1938)
    1    Canción al árbol del olvido
    2    Canción a la luna lunanca

5 Canciones populares argentinas op.10, pour voix et piano (1943)
    3    Chacarera
    4    Triste
    5    Zamba
    6    Arrorró
    7    Gato

Las horas de una estancia op.11, pour voix et piano (1943)
    8     El alba
    9     La mañana
    10    El mediodía
    11    La tarde
    12    La noche

    13    Pampeana n.2 op.21, pour violoncelle et piano (1950)

Sonate pour violoncelle et piano op.49 (1979)
    14    Allegro deciso
    15    Adagio passionato
    16    Presto mormoroso
    17    Allegro con fuoco

Gabriel Sivak (Né en 1979)

Tres instantes oníricos, pour soprano, violoncelle et piano (2016)
    18    Tarde
    19    De los álamos
    20    Creía yo


Maya Villanueva, soprano
Patrick Langot, cello
Romain David, piano






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