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Clément Saunier, trumpet


"Directions" is a recording made by Clement Saunier (soloist of the Ensemble Intercontemporain) of pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries for solo trumpet. The pieces illustrate the different styles and movements of writing of the great modern composers (Henze, Takemitsu, Scelsi, Pintscher, Maxwell Davies, Fedele).


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Litany for a ruined chapel between sheep and shore - III. Presto vigoroso / Peter Maxwell Davies



Peter Maxwell Davies / Litany for a ruined chapel between sheep and shore



Giacinto Scelsi / Quattro pezzi per tromba sola



Hans Werner Henze / Sonatina



Toru Takemitsu / Paths In memoriam Witold Lutoslawski



Ivan Fedele / High in memoriam Miles Davies



Matthias Pintscher / Shining Forth




Clément Saunier, trumpet



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