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Classe moyenne

Vincent Touchard



This album is an ode to banality and simplicity. Life in a suburban residence, everyday objects, the sound of lawnmowers on a Saturday, hobbies.....
Breathing poetry into a universe which seems devoid. To be listened to as the soundtrack to daily life.

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1. La suite des choses*

2. Classe moyenne

3. Ville nouvelle

4. Juillet

5. Les objets du quotidien*

6. Rabat

7. Renaissance

8. Peu après

9. 2=3

10. Le grand jour

11. Photo noir & blanc*

12. Épilogue


Compositions : Vincent Touchard (sauf 6. : Stéphane Tsapis)



Vincent Touchard / Drums

Jonathan Orland / Alto saxophone and clarinet

Florimond Dal Zotto / Cello

Stéphane Tsapis / Piano and wurlitzer

Philippe Monge / Double bass


* Benoit Roulet / Oboe

* Juliette Adam / Clarinet

* Antoine Berquet / Bassoon







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