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Carnet de voyage - Livre 1 - Beethoven-Cras

Quatuor Midi-Minuit


On this CD, we have juxtaposed the work of two musicians who, at a first glance, don't have anything in common. One is Jean Cras, captain of a french ship and a dilettante musician born at the turn of the twentieth century, the other is Ludwig van Beethoven, who needs no introduction. And yet, if we decided to use a looking glass and examine the threads that bind all human destiny together, we would realise that Cras read the works of Beethoven religiously before going on watch, and maybe this man who was subject to the whims of Mother Nature had found in the great composer a master who himself was used to great internal tempests.


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Ludwig Van BEETHOVEN**  Quatuor opus 18 n°3

Jean CRAS*  Premier quatuor « À ma Bretagne »


Fabienne Taccola (* vl. 1)
Jacques Bonvallet (** vl. 1)

Delphine Anne

Christophe Oudin


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