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Britten by Guillaume Martigné

Guillaume Martigné, cello

best record 2015


I have always been very touched by the music of Britten. As a child, I was introduced to his operas and it is thanks to my mentor, Mark Drobinsky, that I first set my fingers on the suites.

In memory of his own mentor, Msistlav Rostropovitch, he encouraged me, when I was still young, to prepare the third suite for my final exam at the CNSM. He often told me about the importance and depth of the relationship which linked his teacher, Rostropovich, to Benjamin Britten throughout the gestation and creation of these suites. These works, full of spirituality, poetry and ingenuity are dedicated to Rostropovich.

It is this 'cellistic filiation which encouraged me to produce this disc of complete works. Fuat Mansurov used to say : '…Guillaume is, through Mark, the spiritual grandson of Rostropovich!!'.

With humility, these are the tracks that have guided me.

Guillaume Martigné


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