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Fantaisie Toccata - Graciane Finzi

For piano four hands

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Fantaisie Toccata - Graciane Finzi

For piano four hands

to Katia and André Azoulay for le Printemps des Alizés d'Essaouira-Mogador


Graciane Finzi was born in Casablanca in 1945. Her parents, both teachers at the Casablanca Conservatory, instilled in her a love of musicand, while attending the same Conservatory, she attained the level necessary to enter the National Advanced Music Conservatory in Paris when she was only 10 years old.


While she was there, she followed courses in: Music theory, History of music, Sight-reading, and Piano, in the class led by Joseph Benvenuti.


When she left the Paris Conservatory a few years later, she had obtained:


First prize in harmony,

First prize in counterpoint,

First prize in fugue,

and First prize in composition.


She has since been awarded:


The Grand Prix for Symphonie Promotion from the SACEM

The Georges Enesco Prize from the SACEM

The S.A.C.D. Prize for her opéra, "Pauvre Assassin".

In 2001, she obtained the S.A.C.E.M. Grand Prix for all her work.

In 2006,"l'Institute de France "awarded her"The Chartier Prize"

In 2013, "Prix Musique SACD"


Duration : 8'

piano four hands (with two separate parts)

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