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En Rappel - Tomas Bordalejo

For accordion

12,66 €
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Rameau's suites for harpsichord see themselves re-invented as they are interpreted on the accordion. The material is different, becoming more dense but also more flexible at the moment of changing register.


When Vincent Lhermet asked me to write him some music which could create a connection with that of Rameau, i wanted to use this re-invention created by the transition from harpsichord to accordion.


The link created - with a 250 year gap! - permitted me to develop a discourse from two motifs taken from the Rappel des Oiseaux. I treated these motifs as two ways of playing that I would then introduce, save, model, cut up and spread out throughout the whole spectrum of the instrument.


Tomas Bordalejo


Duration : 7'00

for accordion

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