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Classic Jam Quartet


Jean-Marc on bass clarinet, who left the esteemed symphony orchestra to assume the humble role of bassist—both rhythmic and lyrical—alongside three powerful saxophone players.
The superb and generous Fabrice on sax soprano, who has temporarily put Ravel’s boléros to the side to assume the role of leader.
At the heart of the group, Philippe on alto sax, whose charming and delicate sound is supported by the voluptuous, sensitive style of Olivier on tenor sax. Rigorous and collaborative across the spectrum, Philippe and Olivier work together to produce sounds both surprising and compelling.
The group is made up of two traditional sight readers and two improvisers whose four pairs of ears guide their confident, delicate hands, summoned by a collective breath to produce lively, colorful music at the intersection of world classical music and jazz.
And so we have an eclectic quartet, or more precisely the Classic Jam Quartet. 


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    1    Jingle - Philippe Chagne
    2    La danse de Maë - Olivier Defays
    3    Insomnia - Laurence  Allison
    4    Contrabajeando, retrato de Jean-Marc - Philippe Chagne
    5    Contrabajeando - Astor Piazzolla/adpatation Jean-Marc Volta
    6    Misma pena, retrato de Fabrice - Philippe Chagne
    7    Misma pena - Astor Piazzolla/adpatation Jean-Marc Volta
    8    Adios nonino, retrato de Olivier - Philippe Chagne
    9    Adios nonino - Astor Piazzolla/adpatation Jean-Marc Volta
    10    Little man - Laurent Coq
    11    La javanaise - Serge Gainsbourg/adaptation Philippe Portejoie
    12    Just so - Patrice Sciortino
    13    Canto triste - Edu Lobo/adaptation Laurence Allison/Philippe Chagne
    14    The good life - Ornette Coleman/adaptation Claude Brisset

Classic Jam Quartet

Fabrice Moretti, soprano saxophone (except 14, alto saxophone)

Philippe Chagne, alto saxophone

Olivier Defays, tenor saxophone

Jean-Marc Volta, bass clarinet


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