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Created by two musicians, both international award winners and passionate about chamber music, Klarthe Records hope to promote their work and to collaborate with many other artists whose paths are destined to cross. An eclectic venture, Klarthe Records does not adhere to one particular aesthetic or moment in the musical spectrum but offers in their work a great diversity of instrumental and vocal colours.


This said, artistic excellence is at the heart of this project and talented artists such as François Leleux, Karine Deshayes, Andy Emler, David Guerrier, Valeriy Sokolov, Marcela Roggeri, Florent Héau, Isabelle Druet, and many others, will feature on the label's next recordings...

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Quatuor Vendôme


15,00 €

Couleurs de loire

Brass Band Val de Loire
Romance sans paroles
Direction - Jérôme Genza

15,00 €

Couleurs d'Amérique

Or Notes Brass
Julien Gernay, piano

15,00 €


Quatuor Psophos

15,00 €


Benjamin Alunni, tenor
Marine Thoreau La Salle, piano
Lydia Shelley, cello

19,99 €

Classe moyenne

Vincent Touchard


15,00 €

Catali Antonini

Persian Alexandria

15,00 €

Britten by Guillaume Martigné

Guillaume Martigné, cello

best record 2015

15,00 €

British and so on

Ensemble Tetraktys

15,00 €


Ensemble Gustave

15,00 €


Florent Héau
Jérôme Pernoo - Jérôme Ducros - Quatuor Voce


15,00 €

Big Rock

Yvan Robilliard
Laurent David
Eric Echampard

15,00 €

Big Bang

Les bons becs

15,00 €


Trio Leos

19,99 €

Attraction - Duo Contrastes

Éric Lacrouts, violin
Damien Petitjean, marimba

15,00 €

Ars moderna

Duo Fukui-Jallu

15,00 €

Années folles !

Crazy Paris !

Two pianos - François Chaplin, Marcela Roggeri

15,00 €


Théophile Alexandre, contre-ténor
Guillaume Vincent, piano


15,00 €
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